The beginnings

Pier 39 San Fran

Maureen Lechmere leaves Michigan to run a shop with her father in San Francisco on the esteemed Pier 39. She weathered the great earthquake of 1989 and a year later in 1990, met her English husband to be, Mark.


Back across the Pond

The earthquake had left its mark however, on the traders of Pier 39, and it was at this point that Maureen and Mark decided to leave California and head back to Mark's homeland, England.


Bath bound

Maureen and Mark married in 1993 and relocated to Bath as it shared so many characteristics of San Francisco. It was their intent to recreate the Pier 39 shop and continue to make fudge in the city.


Grand opening

The San Francisco Fudge Factory opens its door for the very first time in Bath. The shop was located slap bang in the centre of the city, right under the shadow of the majestic Abbey.


Strength to Strength

With the business becoming known for beautiful handmade fudge and confectionery, the millennium saw considerable growth. In 2002 the shop underwent extensive restructuring and expansion.


Passionate about the Community

The Fudge Factory has always been passionate about supporting the community in which we live and work. In 2010 we sponsored a very fine chocolate lion for the Shop in support of various local charities.


It's still all about the Fudge

The Fudge Factory continues today as an independent familiy run business. We are still as passionate about what we do as we were back at the beginning of our journey. We have a great deal of pride in our produce, still using NO artificial ingredients and sourcing local, British suppliers.

We simply love Fudge.