Misshapen Tablet




A bestselling product, this is The San Francisco Fudge Factory interpretation of the scottish classic Tablet. As usual we have applied our rigorous standards of ingredients (only the best) and methods to this confection and it is a real must for any bona fide fudge lovers wherever they may be. It is a much crumblier fudge and therefore differs from our main American style fudge which is softer, smoother and creamier.

Our tablet is also poured out into trays and then left to cool and solidify, which contributes to its crumblier nature; again the difference from our main American style fudge is that the tablet is not poured out onto a marble slab and beaten with a paddle.

The tablet is then broken into many misshapen pieces and 150g go into each bag. It is a fantastic fudge which will attract the type of person who would veer towards old English and Scottish tablet style, crumbly fudge, but in truth everyone should try it. You will all love it, you have our word on it!

Ingredients: sugar, butter, whole milk, condensed milk.